The Late Mother's Day Post

This blog post is about the person I’ve known the longest, Mom. She gave birth to me and in more than just genetic ways is responsible for part of who I am today. She raised me and taught me most everything I learned until preschool. She worked at the elementary school that was a minute or two away from our house, so when I was 3 or 4 I would go to school with her when she had recess duty. I got to know the people that worked there and was entertained throughout the day.

I remember that growing up, whenever she wasn’t working, she would either do stuff around the house, run errands, go grocery shopping, or we’d go to a playground or the library. It was fun having that kind of freedom, but even after I started school and was occupied throughout the day, I would still see her around the school and at recess. She knew a lot of my friends because she worked there and I think it was weird for her when I went into middle school and high school and she only met the friends I brought over to hang out or pick me up.

Throughout school she always encouraged me to do my homework and not be lazy… which went over somewhat well… I think. She motivated me to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, along with the additional support from my dad and scout leaders. I remember learning to sing the bass line in church hymns when I was little. From an early age she cheered on my interest in art and music too, which has led me to all sorts of mediums of visual art, music, dance, and more. I don’t know about your high school experience, but at my high school big, baggy, knit sweaters were a thing. I frequently scored sweaters from my mom’s closet whenever she was getting rid of them.

It feels weird to me that the mother’s day/birthday post is coming after father’s day, but the end of the semester is always a busy time, and right after that I started working 40 hours per week in the office, so May and June were full of stuff that kept me busy. Last August when my dad retired, he and my mom moved out of state, so it’s a bit trickier to stay in touch. This past week however, they’ve both been up visiting for solstice and it’s been fun having them around again. They leave at the end of the week, so I’ll have to have dinner with them again sometime and tell her to check out this post.  

So thanks for raising me, you’re a pretty cool mom. Anytime we talk or see each other, you always remind me that you’re glad everyday I’m your boy, but honestly I always knew. Glad every day you’re my mom.

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