My Sweet Kitty Barnibus

*Not actually Barnibus*
So this past weekend, I was at a friend's cabin and went outside to use the outhouse. On my way back in a cute, little cat came up to me and followed me in. For a while we hung out with the neighbor cat, which I named Gertrude, and then decided it should get home. That was the catalyst that inspired me to adopt.

Later that day, I stopped by Loving Companions Animal Rescue to visit all the little purrballs. I decided upon this shelter because it's where my parents adopted our dog Cuna from, also the organization I did my Eagle Scout project for. In fact, for my project what I did was build and install a deck that wraps around the side of the cat building with some cubby holes and scratching posts. 7 years later, it's still there and has been painted and added on to.

*Actually Barnibus*
One of the first cats that caught my eye was big and gray and looked like a Chartreux. When I asked to know more about him I learned he's unavailable for adoption. No matter though, because there was a really sweet guy that kept following me around asking for attention. He was a 3 year old tabby cat who not only stood out because he was so sweet, but he was also missing half of his right ear. I thought that was pretty cool. It reminded me of a pirate cat, just without an eye patch or pegged leg.

On the way from the animal shelter to the store, I brainstormed names. My friend Roger was calling him Sparkplug, but to me he looked more like a Barnibus. So when we got the store, I got him a bowl, food, a collar, and ID tags with his name and my number in case he gets lost. I forgot about a litter box, so I made a trip back to the store for some extra stuff. I was worried about my ability to keep him entertained, but he honestly spends most of his time napping, snuggling, and rolling in catnip whenever I give him some. He's been wonderful in every way except for the claws that dig into my leg when he's kneading.
*Actually Barnibus... in front of a
1967 UA yearbook!!*

*Actually Barnibus*
Having a dad with cat allergies, I only ever had dogs. This cat though, has been a great addition to my home and my life. When I come home after a stressful day, he hops off the couch to come say hello and beg for loving. Whenever I pick him up and hold him, he rubs his face all over my chin. The stairs in my cabin are steep, almost ladder-like, and he was pretty afraid of them. This morning, however, I decided I wasn't going to keep carrying him up at night and down in the morning, so I left him up there to figure it out. Before long I saw him reluctantly reach out to the first step and clumsily make his way down the rungs. I've only had him a few days, but I'm very excited for more adventures with my new pal in
the years to come.

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