Easy and Quick Food Options for the Busy Bee

If you're anything like a college student then you know what it is like to have a full plate and then some. Maybe even an overflowing plate where you feel like it's just enough stress before you combust but you are still swimming along, getting through your day with a bit of caffeine and some new found hope. One of my biggest dilemmas as a commuter student is having enough time when I get home to cook for the next few days, or having enough energy to cook at all. When you get home from not only working but also being a student it's hard to find the motivation to eat let alone feed yourself. With that thought I've compiled a list of easy things to make to pack for breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner to fuel you throughout your week.

Deviled Eggs: Want to take your boiled eggs one step further? These little guys taste great, pack a punch and you can pair them with things like toast or put them between two slices of warm bagel for a great breakfast bite.

Frittatas: All you need is a carton of eggs and an imagination to make a great frittata. It takes less than five steps and less than five ingredients of whatever simple things you like. Or, you can load them up with sausage, biscuits and whatever veggies you desire! Go wild!

You can even make small to go frittatas if you use a cupcake or muffin pan!

Goulash: To make these little hearty dishes all you need is a choice of meat, and veggies and a soup of some sort. That's just three ingredients!

Lasagna: Who doesn't like those cute flavorful squares complete with tomato sauce and a cheesy coating? Its easy to pack, eat, freeze, and making a pan full will always get you through a few days without more cooking.

Mashed Potatoes: They're easy to make and easy to make a lot of, not to mention delicious. Just pair them with a side of veggies and your choice of protein. Better yet, mix that protein into your potatoes!

And last but not least, chili! You can make it in a crockpot or at home with a little bit of spice and patience. The greatest thing about chili is that it can be paired with so many other things, you can put it on top of rice or potatoes, add pasta, maybe side it with tortilla chips or even wrap it up inside of a tortilla itself. No matter what you make remember to make it good and make it stretch so that you don't have to cook as often!

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