What is a Student Ambassador?

When you hear the title Student Ambassador what do you think of? A receptionist? A tour guide? A student leader? If it was along these lines you're half correct but there is a lot more jam packed into the position that most people may not know about. A Student Ambassador is not only a current student but also a University representative who dedicates their time to assisting students in their transition to the college lifestyle. The kind of students that receive the majority of assistance include: newly admitted students, first year students and even transfer and graduate students. We work closely with the Transitions Program Coordinator and the Admissions Counselors to assist with the ins and outs of what it means to be a college student and how we can make that transition from home to campus life as easy as possible for every single student, traditional or not. Our job consists of:
  • Leading campus tours.
  • Answering emails.
  • Filming vlogs of our daily lives to give prospective students an unfiltered look at what it means to go to this specific campus and the very different lives we each live.
  • Telecounseling to extend invitations to events and check in with students.
  • Live chatting with prospective and current UAF students.
  • Snapchatting daily activities from studying to grabbing coffee.
  • Stuffing mailout packages for students and schools that request information about UAF and our various programs.
  • Writing welcome notes to newly accepted students to give them a point of contact and a familiar face on campus.
  • And last but not least writing blogs just like this one to give current and future students not only advice but our perspectives on various topics from living in the dorms to the best places to study.
It may seem like a long list of duties but the role that we play is pretty important so that students can connect to someone who isn't only in their age range but possibly in their degree program. Coming to college can be a pivotal and nerve wrecking stage for anyone who has just graduated high school or even people who graduated high school a few years prior and have decided to pursue a college career. The college transition looks a little bit different for everyone so the role of the student ambassador program is to not only normalize a diverse college experience but to also show prospective students that a student can come from any walk of life.

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