The Bunnell Building

There are a lot of buildings on campus where I love to spend most of my time. One of those buildings is the Bunnell building. There are a couple of reasons that I enjoy that building. And I will covering them in this blog. But before I start, I'll give you a quick background on the building.

The Bunnell building was built in 1959 for 2.9 million dollars. When it was built it was the central administrative building for the University of Alaska. When the Schaible Auditorium was built, it was for the theatre department until the Fine Arts Complex theatre was built. Now the auditorium is used for the School of Management. The building was named after our first UAF president Charles Bunnell. He was the UAF president for 28 years!

The reason this is my Favourite building is because of the Nook study room, it's a great place to study.  It has about 10 computer work stations, wired and wireless internet access, and conference table with monitors where you can connect your laptop or phone to it.

The Bunnell building also has the OIT office Where they can help you with any technological problems.

And lastly, if you are taking an online class, eLearning and Distance Education is also in that building if the online class requires a proctored test.

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