The Bond Between Student Ambassadors!

Have you ever been invited to a work get together and it made you feel kind of awkward? 

Not just because its a work event outside of work but just the fact that you don't necessarily see yourself spending additional time with your co-workers. This is completely normal but I also feel like it is a let down just because work relationships are meant to be healthy and unifying. I hate having to make up excuses as to why I can't hang out with someone other than being busy, like I have to water my dog tonight otherwise I would attend your banquet but let me get back to you. And then you never actually get back to them you just avoid the conflict altogether.

 The coolest thing about my current job is that I do not have that feeling! I am surrounded by a plethora of amazing people who I love to hang out with outside of work and I actually enjoy working with. When we are in the office we get a lot of work done but we laugh, we talk about our weekends, share recipes, frustrations and anything in between. I feel like each and every ambassador that I interact with daily cares about the way that I feel and the route that I'm taking with my life and that is so reassuring and wonderful. Sure work can be frustrating but that is life, there are so many upsides to my experiences as a student ambassador I just could never imagine being this happy in a different realm of employment. The greatest thing about being a student ambassador is not just the fact that you make so many great connections, it's the fact that they are all genuine! 

When I'm at work and I look around the room I can honestly say that these are people that I want to spend time with everyday, even if that time is sometimes hunched over my computer answering emails from prospective students all the while multitasking just because there are so many things to do. During spring break I spent a lot of my time working as a student ambassador because I didn't have much else to do, so why not? I spent a lot of time with Mikey and I think it's pretty cool that I can look at our friendship from start to finish and say that we are actually friends. We spent time shopping, cooking together, playing Skyrim, confiding in each other and just overall bonding that is essential for everyone who is going through this heavy part of life called adulthood. Last Thursday night I spent hours with Esau tag teaming our math homework in the 24-hour study. We were both equally confused but the coolest thing about our class is that I knew how to do something Esau didn't and vice versa so not only did we help each other through our toughest problems but we taught each other things as well. Esau and I have also decided to run for student government together! Its just cool to look around and see so many people in my work space that actually support and care about each other.

This job has taught me not only a load of information about UAF but so many valuable lessons on how to be a better friend, how to listen, how to not respond to people and just overall appreciation for my workplace and making the best out of every situation and commitment that I make. I can honestly say that I love being a student ambassador and even though I have only been working here for about seven months I know that I have made irreplaceable lifelong connections.

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