My Last Blog (An Ode to the Student Ambassadors and the Office of Admissions and the Registrar)

It's hard to believe that I will have to relinquish my title as a Student Ambassador but, you see, it was never really about the title at all. It was truly an honor to be a part of a cohort of people who genuinely care about UAF students and all people. During my time as a Student Ambassador, I was able to experience and grow fond of diversity from a student affairs perspective, I fell in love with the idea of helping students make choices that are the best for them, and the best part of the ambassador experience is being able to work with a peer group who challenges mediocrity every single day.

I'm truly honored to say I was apart of something that is growing to be one of the most desired and beloved positions at UAF. The key lesson that I've learned from my mentors within the Office of Admissions and the Registrar (OAR) is to embrace and take ownership of change. During a time of high conflict and stress, I observed the OAR staff do everything they could to make sure that prospective students were well taken care of. In less than a year the team revamped the student ambassador program, put together a team of the best student leaders I've ever met and have created a platform of opportunity for ambassadors.

For me, graduation is nearly here, which of course hits me hard because being a Student Ambassador is a huge part of my identity. Thankfully, through my experiences as an ambassador, and the guidance and care from the OAR staff I believe that I have been set up for success in my professional career. I'll miss the energy of Inside Out and I'll miss running around in the Nook Suit (which is one of my favorite things to do). I'll miss the courageous drive and compassion for humanity from my mentor since nearly day one at UAF, who led by example and wholeheartedly taught me "When the going gets tough, keep going.". I'll miss joking with the other ambassadors about my name being the screensaver (Raven finally changed it).

I'll miss spending time with Mikey and laughing about the strange experiences we've had at the Office of Admission and the Registrar.

I'll miss Jason's unique sense of humor.

I'll miss Alexess's positive attitude.

I'll miss Agnes's creativity.

I'll miss Esau's laugh and his wisdom. 

I'll miss Alina's optimism and foresight.

I'll miss singing karaoke with Daniel, and I'll miss his energy.

I'll miss Raven's inspirational drive and genuineness.

I'll miss Bayli's work ethic and kindness.

I'll miss Shay's outside of the box thinking.

And last but not least I'll miss Summer's active pursuit for excellence.

Every single of these amazing people made the experience as a Student Ambassador complete, even though I may not have spent too much time in the office, I feel like I've bonded with each of them by reading their blog posts and vlogs.  

Thank you all for everything you do, I can't wait to see all of the wonderful things the Office of Admissions and the Registrar accomplishes and all of the amazing things the UAF Student Ambassadors will accomplish in their lifetimes.


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