Get Your Blades On

"Let's Blade, Brah."

Winter time is great!
Spring time, fabulous.
Summer time- time to rollerblade!! AKA The best time of the year (really).
Time to trip over gravel and hurt our knee caps when we fall, all while having fun so it doesn't hurt so darn bad!
Pioneer Park, aka Alaska Land is a great place to roller blade, as well as downtown Fairbanks and  the trails that run along the Chena River.
Even here at UAF we have some great side walks and plaza to make a quick rollerblading trip.
If you are missing your dog(s), you can skate/roller blade/bike over to the dog park in Fairbanks, to the Goldpanners baseball games, to Denny's (open 24 hours!) and anywhere else your heart desires. It is a great way to have fun for free in college, to get exercise, clear the mind, and be with friends.
I just bought new ice skates because I thought I would go ice skating a ton this winter, the plot-twist is that I only ended up going once (once!) the whole winter and now I want to cry because I could have spent that money on a new pair of roller skates.

For anyone that has never roller bladed/skated before, I recommend it with all my heart. You can buy a nice and inexpensive pair on Amazon to try them out and then upgrade to a nicer pair once you fall in love with this wonderful activity!

The majority of my guy-friends don't have roller blades so I always carry around my boyfriend's roller blades in the back of my car so that my friends can tag along too. The other option is that your friends without roller blades can long board, skate, or bike along side you.

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