Foods That Everyone Should Have on Hand

I went grocery shopping last week, but forgot my shopping list at home. I came up with a few things that seemed like they'd last me a while and I went home. What I later noticed is that what I bought seems to go in every meal I eat. I bought more than just mac'n'cheese, too, I got a bunch of veggies. I never really liked peppers growing up, but recently I've learned that in addition to providing bright colors to whatever you're making, they also give it a nice spicy flavor. They go well in eggs, pasta, rice, soup, and salad. Garlic and green onions are also on the same page. Whatever they go in, they give whatever you're eating a real kick. Especially stir fry. 

Even though I don't have a meal plan or mom or dad cooking for me, I can still eat a good variety of vitamins and get enough protein and fruits and veggies. It all comes down to one-pot dishes. These are meals that can be cooked in a single container, such as a sauté dish, frying pan, or pot. When cooking one-pot dishes it's important to keep in mind how long each ingredient has to cook. If you're making a spinach-cheddar-rice thingy, you probably shouldn't put the cheese and spinach in first, because the rice is going to take longer to cook. The upside to that is that towards the end of cooking it you can always add last minute things, like dill, cilantro, salt, pepper, etc. 

So if you never know what to make for dinner, or you open the fridge looking for food but only find ingredients, don't worry it's not that bad. Honestly I think the worst part is washing up afterwards or waiting for the things to actually cook. It's kind of fun to stand by the stove, stirring stuff, adding ingredients, but all the waiting can get kind of old. If you're inpatient like me, standing by the stove usually means sampling what's cooking before it's been cooked. 

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