Favorite Place on Campus

My favorite place on campus is the Wood Center. This is the place where everyone hangs out and studies. Music is playing and poems are being read, coffee is being bought and friendships are being made.

During my first year at UAF the Wood Center was where I met with classmates to discuss homework or projects. It was also where I had dinner every night, unless it was too cold to walk down the hill, in which case I would just get Subway from the Campus Cache in the Moore/Bartlett/Skarland complex. I could easily say that there was never a time I walked into that building and didn't see someone I knew and could sit with.

The original part of the building, I call the "old wood", was dedicated in 1972. It has a bowling ally called Polar Ally and an arcade, as well as pool tables and ping pong. There is also a multilevel lounge with numerous seating available. Clubs and study sessions often meet in this area. I think the coolest part of the original building is the "Stairs to Nowhere" in the center of the building. I guess the university could't finish a third level due to problems with permafrost (permafrost is large layer of soil that stays frozen throughout the year and can be a bit bothersome in Alaska, especially with construction and road work). People often do homework or eat with friends up there.

Bowling shoes from Polar Ally

The relatively new addition to the Wood Center was built in 2014 and it is fantastic. The new dinning facility, Dine Forty-Nine, is a real upgrade from the old dinning option in the Lola Tilly commons. Lola Tilly has now become office space. Artic Java, the hoppin' coffee shop downstairs, is always bustling with people, some studying or some walking through between classes. Open mic nights, art shows and poetry slams are held in this area as well as movie nights and Superbowl Sundays.

Like I said earlier, the Wood Center, was always a place where I could find friends and be social. Because of this I often never studied there unless I was really determined. There are just so many people to talk to and fun to have! One time I was there for the whole day basically, from like 9 am to 4 pm. I was determined to get work done and I couldn't do it in my room. People came and went, some studied with me, others gave me a much needed distraction from the work I was doing. I came back to the Wood Center after the class I was waiting for all day had ended, and there were new people I knew there ready to talk and maybe study.

I always have the best conversations at the Wood Center it seems...Mostly about biology and new scientific findings or about apocalyptic scenarios where the world catches a deadly virus and what we would do. (Does this make me a nerd?) It's also where I would hide out during Humans Vs. Zombies, a campus-wide game of tag. Anyways, great memories have been made in that building and I hope first-year students have the same experience. 

Making memories and using the Wood Center as a safe place away from zombies.

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