Different Stages of Emotion Before Finals

End of the Semester Feels 

Here are the different stages of emotion now that the semester is ending. We are all stressed, exhausted, and irritated. But after it's all done, you feel amazing about all your hard work and determination! Until next semester!

1. Your professor gives you an exam right before finals week.
Lifetime crying upset adorable tired GIF

2. The final is cumulative, how dare they! 
 angry mad carol burnett furious the carol burnett show GIF

3. When your final is scheduled on a Saturday.
Disney Pixar disney angry pixar anger GIF

4. When your group member has to leave early before your final presentation.
Mashable reactions meme what surprised GIF

5. When you stay up all night studying from coffee
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment coffee rachel mcadams leaving walking away GIF

6. But when it's all over, you are so proud of all your hard work!!
UNC Tar Heels dancing basketball celebration clapping GIF

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