Challenge Yourself Everyday!

When I think of a challenge I don't necessarily think of climbing a mountain but I do think about challenging yourself to do something that you might not do on a regular day. This past weekend I received help from a friend to grab some of my larger pieces of furniture from my parent's house. This included my bed, my art chest, my bike and a piece of furniture I made. My place feels so much more like home now but the item that I enjoy the most is my bike. The majority of my summers I choose to ride my bike everywhere, from my parents house to the university and everything in between and I absolutely adore that every year it's something for me to look forward to.

This Monday I decided that I miss my bike too much to let it sit in my house for two more months so I took it for a spin instead of walking to work. Little did I know, riding your bike in the snow without fat tires is not only pretty hard but going up a hill is a challenge. I eventually made it, in nineteen minutes which is eleven minutes faster than my walking time. Even though I was exhausted and sweaty I felt great after twenty minutes of cool down. Challenging yourself everyday is a lot less about completing a milestone but taking the steps to make yourself push a little bit harder everyday no matter what it is. It could be exercise, dietary, staying up until you finish your school work or managing your time enough to have a great sleep schedule. No matter what, your step towards a better healthier life is, its still a step, and a challenge is a challenge no matter how seemingly small it can be. The only person that you have to prove anything to is yourself so set your own goals and strive to meet or surpass them everyday.

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