Before You Move in With Your Best Friend

Almost everyone has a close friend that they would consider living with or may have made plans to live with, and when you become an adult in college that plan you've constructed with them becomes a little bit closer to reality.

A lot of people forget to consider how tough living with someone actually is and sometimes it can be the downfall of the majority of relationships but it doesn't have to be. There are a few more things to think about other than the fact that you get along with another person when you consider moving in with them. You will have to think about rent: Are you guys going to split it consistently or alternate who pays it every month? What if you cant make your payment? What if they can make theirs? Are they reliable and dependable? You will have to think about bills: How will you set a monthly goal for yourself to make sure that you are doing enough to lessen your energy usage? What kind of bills do/will you have? Will you both split the cost or will you both cover one bill? What about food?

These are the kind of questions that you will have to think about once you get settled in and even before you move in with your best bud. Living with someone is about a lot more than simply liking them, it's about sharing space and learning how to pull your weight so that your home isn't a place of stress. This is relatively easy to do if you do one simple task everyday: Communicate openly. Talk to your roommate, find out the things that bother them, where they are financially, and how you guys are going to work out small things like groceries and if you are going to split the rent.

One thing that I've learned from living with my best friend is that communication, no matter how seemingly simple, can be detrimental to the health of our relationship. Never assume they know what their responsibilities are, we all get side tracked and forgetful, so reminding them may be necessary. When you don't communicate with the people that you live with tension can build up and unvoiced irritation can build animosity. In order to keep your place of residence as warm and comfortable as possible a little bit of talking can go a long way and who knows, you might even build a better relationship. Happy roommate hunting!

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