Advice for Move-In Day

Move-In Day is a big deal! It is exciting, scary, thrilling, every kind of emotion all at once.

This post may seem a little off-timed since the school year is just ending and finals week is next week, but I think now is the perfect time to write about move-in day for all of the future first-year students counting down the months until they start college.

I originally didn't think I would go to college right away. I especially didn't think I would be living in the dorms. I had just returned from a high-school exchange year in Argentina and when I came back that summer 2015, I thought maybe I would just work for a while before college. That all changed as my parents encouraged me to go to UAF as an undecided major initially. In August, we went to see the admissions counselors at UAF, got help signing up for my classes, and eventually, last-minutely decided that I wanted to live in the dorms.

I am from North Pole/Fairbanks area but my parents and I wanted me to live in the dorms for the full college experience- and boy am I glad I did!

Living in the dorms is such a unique experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Move-In Day was exhilarating! I was incredibly excited to meet a ton of new people, have a roommate, no supervision from parents, stay up all night every night and anything else a future college student might picture university life as.

I packed up my favorite things from home and was on my way. I remember talking to every person that I saw on move-in day, asking them which dorm they would be living in and looking for any and all potential new friends. I remember riding the elevator up to my room for the first time, losing my room key in the first hour, meeting my hall RAs, and checking every hour on the hour for my roommate to arrive.

Here is some advice for move-in day at UAF:

-Bring a shower caddy: You will be sharing a communal bathroom with everyone your floor, and if you forget something once you are in the shower it is a lot of work to go back to your room when you could have a shower caddy with all of your things in it already.
-Bring a lamp/Christmas lights: For when your roommate wants to sleep and you need to study or read and need some extra light that won't wake the roommate up. Also, it creates a chill, relaxing vibe.
-Get a doorstop: It makes it easier to move things in and out of the room, and it is also a cool way to meet people in your hall as they pass by
-Adhesive strips: Since residents can't paint the walls or nail anything to them, command adhesives are a great way to hang decorations, pictures, etc to the walls
-Pack only the essentials: Many of my friends brought their whole house with them when they moved into the dorms! They ended up not needing nearly as much as they thought they would, and UAF has a college night shopping trip at Fred Meyers, exclusively for UAF students with music, food, and super sales on anything in the store from mini-fridges to TVs to bean bag chairs etc.
-Don't bring cleaning supplies: The RAs will have vacuums, cleaning sprays, rags, trash can bags,  etc for students to use whenever they need to, free of charge.
-A mattress pad is not a bad idea: the beds can be pretty hard and it is guaranteed you will sleep better with a foam pad on the mattress
-Only bring basic school supplies: The Bookstore has a ton of good-priced school supplies and a lot of the time you won't need everything the teacher tells you to bring to class. I usually wait to buy everything until after the first week to make sure we will actually use every little item on their list.
-Bring a plate, a cup, a can opener and a pair of silverware: You are bound to visit the kitchen a couple of times! It is a fun way to meet with friends and show off your cooking skills- or lack thereof.
-Get sleep while you still can! Good luck trying to get a full 8 hours when living in the dorms, as a first-year!

I am so excited for all of you first years about to move into the dorms, writing this post makes me feel so nostalgic! You are going to love it!

(I highly recommend Moore Hall.)

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