Weekend Adventures

This weekend was so much fun! From going out dancing with my best friend who is finally back in town (from traveling in Australia, the Phillipines, and Thailand- lucky girl!) I got to hear all of her amazing stories, plan for our future trip, get lots of free hugs and eat her veggie burgers now that she is a (part-time) vegan.

Saturday was time for birthday parties, meeting my mom's new boyfriend from Anchorage (he is so cool-thank goodness!), and pedicures with my other best friend, aka Mom. Sunday was the day of cross country skiing at our cabin (brand new trails! Vlog to come), shoveling snow off the deck with my wonderful dog Titan.

Next came Beauty and the Beast in 3D with my friend Ray (such a good movie- IMAX is so overpriced though!), trying new Asian food at the Hot Pot on Airport Road (so cool! You can cook your food right on the table), this weekend was a real blast!

And it is so sunny and beautiful out how could it not be (especially with no homework)!
Happy Monday!

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