That Time of Year

Well, we're back from Spring Break now. Students have returned to campus in herds and now occupy the space they once did before leaving campus a barren ghost town. Over the break the only places to eat were the Campus Cache in the dorm halls and Arctic Java in the Wood Center. I definitely missed the grilled cheese from AK Grill. But classes are back in session now and the sidewalks and hallways are again crowded with students keeping busy with various academic struggles. Seems like everyone has some sort of homework to do, lab to go to, or test they need to study for. It's becoming springtime and everyone's missing out!

It's hard to have such a beautiful and sunny spring break and then have to go back into dark lecture halls or even classrooms with windows that allow you to see how gorgeous it is outside. It'd be nice to see outside if you knew you could go enjoy it, but nope. Students are starting to feel midterms and the end of the semester approaching and it's definitely bittersweet. On one hand, it's nice to know that all the studying and homework will be done and over with soon enough. However, the other side of that is knowing how wonderful the sunshine is and how we're doing nothing but missing out on it all day.

The focus in my GEOS 120 class is Earthquakes, Glaciers, and Volcanoes. For a third of the semester, we have one professor for earthquakes who has his own final exam, then a third of the semester with a second professor for glaciers who has her own final exam, and then we'll have a third professor for the remainder of the semester who will have their own exam in May. We're just now coming to the end of the glaciers unit and our exam will be next Tuesday. It's crazy that the semester is going by this quickly! It feels like we were just starting the glaciers bit and now we're almost done learning all we're going to learn about them and move onto volcanoes. I guess that's how I'll get through the rest of the semester though; I just need to keep in mind how quickly it's been going by and just hope it keeps going that pace.

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