Summer Job

Over the summer I have the wonderful opportunity to work at a flying service company in Anchorage, Alaska. I first started working there in 2014 and have loved it ever since. My job entails driving people to and from their hotels to our float plane dock and answering phone calls and making reservations.

One of the perks of the job is that I get to tag along on some of the trips. You know, so I actually know what I am selling in the office. The company does tours of Mount Denali, Prince William Sound and many glaciers in the South Central area of Alaska. They also work with other lodges to provide bear viewing and fishing adventures. My favorite sightseeing tour was of the Prince William Sound. I've seen that area from the ground too many times to count but the view from the air was something special. The glaciers in that area are truly spectacular! I saw a whale from above which provided a jaw-dropping view of their enormous size. 

The Denali Sightseeing trip was also amazing because the hugeness of that mountain is all around you when you fly over the glaciers and land with piles of rock miles above and below you. I've gotten to go fishing with my job as well as bear viewing and I can't say enough about all the experiences.
This is on my trip to Bear Mountain Lodge.
There is a mother bear and her two cubs behind me!

This is on a glacier on Denali, the highest mountain peak in north America.

The greatest thing about my job though is the work experience and the people I get to meet. I am so thankful for this job because it got me comfortable with answering phone calls and sending emails. Before I was scared to order a pizza on the phone and now I can call and answer with ease. Emailing experience is just a great thing to have because it is now a primary source of communication.

My job also enhanced my people skills quite a lot. It helps to know how to deal respectively with upset customers or worried clients. It is a great skill to have in life and for other future jobs I might have. I know it has helped me greatly with my Student Ambassador job! 

I get to share Alaska with so many people and hear about other cultures, isn't that awesome! The people I meet, with only a few exceptions, are all wonderful and super curious about this state (why wouldn't you be!?). I am lucky to have a job where I get to share about something I love.


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