Spring Break Fun... Or Whatever

Spring break can mean different things for different people. Some of my friends over the years have gone on annual trips to Mexico. You can always spot them at school because they and students visiting other sunny places are this nice tan color in the middle of March. While I've never gone on a spring break vacation, I've usually ended up having about 10 days of fun doing various things around town. Depending on the weather, that can include tearing it up on my bike, going camping somewhere not too far away, or just hanging with friends around my place. I spent the spring break of my senior year of high school with the flu and spent about 6 days of it feeling pretty gross. That wasn't fun because I was on yearbook staff and had a few deadlines over spring break and still had to go to school while recovering. 

This year, however, I'm going to work 40 hours over spring break. No, it's not the most fun I could have, but it'll put a few extra dollars on my next paycheck. The awesome thing about being a student employee is that when school isn't in session (spring, summer, and winter breaks) students who normally are barred at 20 hours per week can then work an additional 20. Each department, supervisor, and student position can vary in its needs/flexibility, but for the most part this holds true. The reason students are only allowed to work 20/week when classes are in session is because the university understands that we're students first, employees second. This helps students have enough time to stay up on classes and course work. 

That's another thing students sometimes face during their "break" from school. SPRING BREAK ASSIGNMENTS! I haven't faced this myself, but I've heard of friends of mine having a research essay due the Monday after break. It doesn't seem like much of a break to me if you still have to keep homework and deadlines in mind while every one else is relaxing or having a good time. What I did encounter for the first time this semester is my math teacher giving us the Friday prior to break off. She explained that she's tired of year after year having students skip Friday's classes just to have a long weekend, or students having flights leaving on Friday rather than later just for the sake of pricing, so she told us she's done fighting the system. If we're not behind by the end of this week, we have a total of 11 days away from math... though to me it sounds like just enough time to forget the material we've been covering this week. 

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