Ski land

Last weekend my friend asked me to go with him to Ski Land and said that it would be fun. I have never snowboarded or skied in my life. But my friend agreed to teach me. At that very moment I headed down to the SRC and got my voucher for my FREE season pass for Ski Land. All UAF students get a free season pass to Ski Land. I would definitely ask you guys to take advantage of that and get a pass. And at Ski Land we do get a student discount if you want to rent any of their equipment.

We went there last Saturday around 10 am. There was already a line to get the pass. After got my pass, only a couple of other people could get their pass before they stopped giving out day passes. The reason was that there were too many people on the mountain. At first I rented a pair of skis since it looked easy to learn.

I spent the first half an hour struggling to get my balance.  And after I just gave up and switched up to a snowboard. I went down the green route which was for amateurs. That Saturday I just did one run since my lags were killing me and completed the run in an hour. That Sunday I went again and did the same route in 30 minutes. Definitely improved for my second time snowboarding.   

I would advise you guys to try it out. Snowboarding is a lot of fun but make sure to dress appropriately and wear a helmet, as there are the black diamond routes which have trees in your way. I just stuck to the green route since I was just learning. I'm trying to go every weekend to improve. So yeah, looking forward to seeing you guys there. 

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