Oosik Ski Race and Spring Break Fun!

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog about a ski race I was going to participate in over spring break called the Oosik. Well, I did it! I completed the 25 kilometer (15 mile) course in about 4hrs. The scenery was absolutely beautiful and the company was even better. I went with my boyfriend Conner, his mother and some family friends of theirs. Conner did the 50 km course in about 3 hrs (yeah, he did twice the distance in less time it took me to do 25km 😏).
This was the 25km course. It was mostly flat but there were some hills. The finish was all up hill...
  The place we stayed at for two nights, the Talkeetna Roadhouse, had the most amazing cinnamon rolls and the best berry pancakes I've ever had. The scenery was absolutely amazing too. I've lived in Alaska my whole life and this spring break reminded me how beautiful this wonderful state is. Mount Denali was out and not a cloud was blocking the view. I'm sure I could see the mountain at all points on that course. SO amazing considering people come up to Alaska just to see Mount Denali and it doesn't show their whole trip. I consider myself lucky and very fortunate.

Conner and me with Denali in the background! Blue bird day.
It was also Conner and my's one year anniversary that weekend. some would say we were crazy to do a ski race instead of something more relaxing but I would say it was perfect for us. I can't wait to do the race again next year with him.

His mother stayed with me the whole race even though I know she can go much faster than I can. She was so nice for waiting and it was great because I didn't have to finish it alone. I was also pushing myself to go a little faster, which was a great workout. How do I know? Well it was 25km and I am soooooooo sore!

All of us at the finish! I could barely stand there let alone walk to the car.
So I'd say this race was the highlight of my spring break! Besides the race I did get to go fat tire bike riding in Anchorage and that was a blast. Never had ridden one before so it was quite an experience. I also got to meet a new member of the family. Her name is Davina and she is adorable. So overall I had an AMAZING break!
Baby Davina (Davi) she is so cute and look at those cheeks!
Conner and I getting ready for some biking!

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