My CNA Class

12 hours a week, 2 short breaks each day, I spend in my CNA class each week. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5-9 pm at the UAF CTC program. Wow! What an exhausting but fun class!

For the last 2 months, this book has been like a Bible to me. Almost every night there are many pages of the workbook we have to complete covering everything from changing bed pans (my CNA friends assure me it is not that bad) to different diseases that can occur in the body and how we can make patients feel the most at-home in a long-term care center.

We have three different teachers (with more to come) and each one has their own little charm. One of them very much enjoys talking about poop (yes poop!), another one has fun East Coast sass and the other is a bit more serious (so far- I think she will come out of her shell eventually!), but one thing they all have in mind is their stories from nursing. They have tons and tons of them!

Every Wednesday we have skills night and practice anything taking vital signs (think blood pressure, respiration, temperature, etc), to changing patients, cleaning colostomies, dentures, and using mechanical lifts to transport patients. And this has all been preparing us for one thing- working in the real world!

Starting next week we will begin shadowing at two nursing centers here in Fairbanks and then after Spring Break we will be doing clinicals! These are going to start anywhere from 6:15 in the morning lasting until 2 pm and sometimes until 10:30 pm! I won't be able to tell any specific stories when doing clinicals but I will surely post vaguely descriptive stories of my adventures in CNA-ing!

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