How I Winged My Spring Break

Well, I did have plans for spring break. Until I made one of the worst mistakes you could make when planing for spring break. And that is waiting for the last minute to get tickets. When it's spring break a day could make a difference with the prices.

I was going to buy tickets to San Diego, California for this spring break because I told myself, "Why Not?" and plus I have relatives there. But I made one horrible mistake. I was trying to buy my tickets a week before spring break and that's not the smartest thing you could do. The average plan ticket is about 500 dollars to get to San Diego but during that week the prices went up to 1200 dollars. And I wasn't going to spend that much on a ticket.

I then decided to stay in Fairbanks during the break. You must be thinking that I would have definitely had a lame spring break. I thought so too. But surprisingly I had some fun over the break just by winging it. Nothing was planned, it was all spontaneous.

In mornings I'm either sleeping or at Ski Land (UAF has an agreement with Ski Land that UAF students get a free pass to Ski Land). I didn't realize that there more people than I imagined that were staying on campus over the break. I hung out with people that I have never met before. It was nice making a couple of new friends.

During the night  I would go bowling with a couple of friends. And I haven't bowled in over a year so I figured it would be fun to get back at it.  After a couple of nights my score kept improving. When I started out, I remember bowling a 60. Now my average is sitting at 120. And my highest was a 156. Bowling was pretty fun.

Overall I would say my break was pretty chill and I made the best of it.

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