Getting My First Internship

I just got my first internship! This is super exciting! But to be real, getting an internship is extremely important. As with many degrees, most jobs you will try to apply for once you graduate will want you to have experience, most times at least 2 years. So how are you supposed to find a job right after you get out of school? INTERNSHIPS!!

There are lots of different kinds of internships. There are paid ones, non-paid ones, year-long ones, summer only, some even are spring or fall only. Obviously most people would want the paid ones during the summer, that way you can make money for school without having to work during the school year. But everyone will be applying for those and so the competition is fierce. Sometimes there are even opportunities where if you work with them over enough hours, they will offer you a job once you graduate. Anyways my internship is with UAF Design and Construction. I will be working closely with other engineers trying to gain as much valuable experience as possible.

I would say that the best part about getting an internship is that it is a foot in the door. Any job you apply for would want you to have experience, as well as good grades and clubs. There will probably be a learning curve for this internship, but the experience is so worth it.

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