First Signs of Spring!

I know it's not quiiiite spring yet, but it was super beautiful and nice the other day and it made me excited for the upcoming months. It's the time of year when we're gaining almost 7 minutes of daylight each day. Our days are now officially 9 hours long! That's way better than the 3 hour 40 minutes of daylight on winter solstice. It's just so lovely to be able to wake up at a reasonable hour and not experience pitch black outside. Not to mention you can now feel the heat of the sun, not just the light. Even better, it's only going to get brighter from here on out.

To quote Atmosphere's song Sunshine "The weather is amazing, even the birds are bumpin'." This came to mind last Saturday when I woke up around 10 and it very sunny outside! I saw some movement through the window and found a handful of little black cap chickadees fluttering around my porch. Turns out they were all hype about some birdseed my neighbor Jack had thrown about. I don't think I've ever purchased birdseed before, but after seeing the little feathery cuties hopping around, I think I just might.

Spring is a wonderful time, even at the beginning when there's still snow everywhere. It's the time of year when the snow isn't too dry to stick together, which means you can make snowballs and snow people. It also means that things are increasingly wet and within a few weeks there will be slush everywhere. Because my cabin is on the swamp side of Farmer's Loop, I've noticed a glacier starting to slowly move across  the path to my front door. At first it was just a bunch of ice off to the side, but little by little it's crept over my walking path. By the end of March it'll probably turn into a moat and I'll have to come up with a bridge. Oh well, it all just means summer is on the way.

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