An Ode to Daniel Nero (A Story About Friendship)

Out of all the blogs I've posted so far as a Student Ambassador, this is the most important one.

True, genuine, natural friendship is pretty hard to come by nowadays, it was particularly hard for me moving to a new place where I had no friends. Honestly, I planned on just keeping my head low and keeping to myself. Luckily for me, that's not quite how things turned out.  Somewhere along the way my desire to be involved kicked in, shortly after that I met a few people who would later make an outstanding impact on my life.

Getting back to the point,  let's talk about the star of the show here Mr. Dancing, Singing, Creative, Energetic, Wise, Sophisticated Daniel Nero came zooming into my life like the Flash! You know that feeling in your heart that you get when you meet someone amazing? Well, that's what happened to me. Meeting Daniel inspired my passion for getting involved on campus, he heightened my awareness on many, many topics and taught me how to interact in certain situations. He's been a mentor, a colleague, and an honest critic.  I love Daniel because he knows how to make someone feel important, he knows how to teach, how to inspire, he knows how to light up a stage and explore human creativity.

I could go on and on and tell you how much of a joy it's been to work with Daniel, but the real purpose of this blog is to emphasis what I think made me successful here at UAF. My friendship with Daniel was a catalyst -- it bloomed into this community of people who are passionate about serving others, and genuinely care. I'm not sure I'd have the community of supporters and mentors that I have now if I wasn't inspired by Daniel's proactive approach to life.

Like most relationships/friendships we've had our ups and downs, and the downs are mostly because I was foolish.  This semester Daniel taught me a valuable lesson about forgiveness and bitterness. I needed what my grandpa would call a "kick in the pants" I needed to snap out my overbearing pride, Daniel helped me realize that and saw how it was affecting my behavior.  When you need someone to talk to he's always engaged and seeks to understand how you are feeling and usually has a witty response.

Without Daniel, I'm not sure I would be walking this May. Remember to put yourself on the shoulders of giants; college is a lot more fun and worthwhile with people that make you feel like a champion.

Thank you, Daniel, it's truly been a pleasure to be an Ambassador with you, I think that you are deserving of an honoree degree in "Genuine Friendship". You make so many people feel alive. You have an incredible legacy here at UAF and it will reign forever.  I love you man, let's go out with a BOOM! #SQUATS

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