Alternative Spring Break!

Alternative Spring Break in San Francisco! 

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Last week was Spring Break, and I am so thankful I signed up for Alternative Spring Break! UAF's LIVE Office organized the trip for the UAF students who signed up. The LIVE Office promotes leadership, student involvement and volunteer opportunities. I highly suggest signing up for this amazing opportunity!

14 UAF students traveled to San Francisco and met up with other volunteers and students around the country. Some volunteers were from New York, Indiana, Juneau, and New Jersey. Overall, there were about 50 volunteers staying the week at one Boy's and Girl's Club. We broke up into groups and volunteered at 7 other Boy's and Girl's Clubs in the San Francisco area. We also volunteered at Alameda Food Bank and the Oakland Zoo. This is a picture of my group members at the Boy's and Girl's Club we volunteered at every day of the week. It was so rewarding to help younger kids with their homework and dance with them to "Wip My Hair!" They are the best dancers I have ever seen, seriously.

The last time I volunteered regularly was my senior year of high school. As a college student, I thought I was too busy to volunteer. I wish I didn't have this mind set the last four years. I realized you are never too busy to do something you truly want to do. I forgot how happy I am while volunteering, and this trip reminded me how I love to help and meet new people.

After I graduate next fall, my boyfriend and I will travel to Peru and Chile for a month or two. I am inspired to look up volunteer opportunities on the trip. I highly suggest signing up for Alternative Spring Break because you meet so many inspiring people. After this trip, I am closer to the UAF students on the trip, and made friends with people around the country. I am also more inspired to meet people with different norms and perspectives than my own. I believe travelling and volunteering is incredibly important. Take advantage of the opportunities you are given.  

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