Alternative Spring Break

Alina, Esau and I spent our Spring Break this year in Richmond, Oakland, and San Francisco, California volunteering at different Boys and Girls clubs, the Oakland Zoo, and the Alameda Food bank. And all of it was AMAZING! We woke up every day early to take showers at the local high school and eat breakfast, then go off to our volunteering sites.

While UAF did go as a group, we were not all together - but rather split off into groups with other university students so that we could make new friends too! During our free time we got to go explore all over San Francisco, eat at every In and Out burger joint that we could find, and make as many churro runs at night that we could manage! It was such an amazing week bonding with the kids and learning different games (Pikachu, Lemonade, etc!), sleeping on cots ( I am so grateful for my bed), and making new friends!

 Late night Churro runs

 The Oakland Zoo Giraffes

 One of our many Uber rides

 Outside of the Oakland Boys and Girls club

At the Golden Gate Bridge

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