When Your Alarm Doesn't Do Its Job

Wow okay. This week's blog is about when your alarm doesn't go off. I can't stress enough how stressful it is when I'm late to places. They say "better let than never" but sometimes I feel like being late is so awkward and embarrassing that I'd rather not go at all. This applies to work, class, meetings, and even sometimes hanging out with friends. Of course I don't always abstain from going to things just because I'm late, but it is a huge deal to me. So when my phone dies during the night because I forgot to plug it in, or when I accidentally leave it in my coat pocket and don't remember to set an alarm, I get really stressed. A week or two ago I actually lost my phone — in a snow bank somewhere I'm sure — and didn't have an alarm clock for a week. What a mess!

The best way to ensure you're not late to things is to keep a clock on you at all times. Whether it's an actual alarm clock that lives next to your bed, a wrist watch with an alarm feature, or an iPhone or even flip phone, it's important to have something nearby that can tell you the time. It's also important to make sure you actually have an alarm set. I know some people who can wake up at the sound of their body's internal alarm clock. I'm not one of those people. I also know people who can get up at the first chime of their phone's wakeup call without hitting snooze. I'm not one of those people either. I'm the kind of person who has a few waves of alarms, so in case the first one or two don't work there's always backup readily available.

All of this being said, most people won't hear your excuses when you try to explain the completely reasonable excuse as to why you're late. They might smile, nod, and say "yeeeah it's okay, but don't do it again." That pretty much translates to "yeeeah, I've been waking up to alarms my whole life but I understand some people just don't." Luckily, some supervisors understand and will forgive you as long as you don't do it too often. Others will straight up let you go, though. So once you're on your own and don't have mom or dad living with you to ensure you don't sleep in, or an obnoxiously cute doggo to open your door and lick your face because she thinks you need to be awake too, it's all on you to get yourself where you need to go when you need to be there. No excuses.
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