When the Money Runs Dry (Completely Dry)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

I certainly did! With free snowboarding at Skiland with Ambassador Summer 

(where UAF students get free season passes for the next five (5!) years), playing snow soccer for a bit with Ambassador Mikey and friends, 
and getting sushi with my lovely boyfriend Blaine, this weekend was awesome!

That was, until yesterday by the fire at Barnes and Noble, we looked into our bank accounts. Whew!

How I wish I wasn't writing this blog right now. Or at least about this topic. Let's face it. As a college student, I don't want to ask my parents for spending money anymore. In high school that felt guilt-free- but not so much anymore. And some college students may certainly still ask their parents for gas and spending money, etc- but I want to start paying my way a little bit! I don't pay for my car insurance, or phone bills, or college. The least I can do is pay for most of the little things in life until I begin working as an adult! Anyways, when I went to look at my bank account, what did I see? Not much. Not much at all....

Here I am, waiting on a few paychecks, sweating just a little bit, and thinking about ways that I can make money. On top of this, I am thinking about how one day I will look back on these low money times and appreciate these invaluable experiences and how far I have come. I suppose that some easy ways to make money would be selling old clothes, leftover game-boys, baking gluten-free muffins, old text books, etc. I will really have to look into these things! I do have a friend who just opened his first business selling Alaskan beard oil, so maybe I will have to look into that as well. There are tons of options and ways to earn money! Of course, there are even more ways to spend it!

This list also seems pretty handy.

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