"The Week"

Every now and then there will be a week during classes that all important due dates for all classes seem to fall on. Weeks when you feel like you are barely skirting by and nothing seems to be going right. Where outside forces keep trying to butt in and make your already difficult all the more difficult. The kind of week where you are reaching for the weekend like it is your last life boat on the sinking ship that is your academic career in a sea of late nights, presentations, quizzes and general self-loathing. This is the kind of week that makes your question why you decided to go to college.

Yeah, this has been that week.

Granted, I can admit that prior to this week I haven't exactly helped myself prepare all too well. I didn't work on things in advance that I definitely should have. I procrastinated despite promising myself that I wouldn't and again made a liar out of myself. I am so done with this week and I am so annoyed with myself.

My week started out on Monday the 13th of February with me feeling sick. Now I don't get sick very often but when I get sick, I. get. sick. and I stayed home sick until Wednesday.

So what was due Wednesday: SCHOLARSHIPS!!! I still managed to do them Tuesday night as well as FAFSA. I spent the majority of Wednesday doing research and creating a presentation for the next day in my Psychology of Women Across Cultures class. It went well enough though admittedly not as good as I was hoping but I was still happy to have it done and over with and actually to feel like I had both learned from my presentation and taught.

Thursday I had and eye appointment, the first one in many moons (two and a half years). So it took a while to pick out new glasses that I would probably be committed to for much longer than I probably should be. Then my mom, my brother's girlfriend and I went in search of items for a baby shower that we are throwing in a couple of weeks. This lasted much longer than any of us expected but then again we went to Wal-Mart on empty stomachs so we ended up buying way more food than we needed.

Exactly what I looked like during CB
Moments after CB
So when we got home and fed ourselves I went to my room and worked as quickly as possible to get my IRB (institutional review board) certificate which was due the following day (TODAY. Friday, February 17th) it was easy but a lot of tedious work.

After completing that I rushed to put together a basic presentation on the somatosensory cortex and it's relationship to how we process temperature from our skin. This is where I broke for a couple minutes. I felt so overwhelmed had a quick cry break because I wasn't finding any good sources and I still didn't understand just what the somatosensory cortex was. After a 3 minute cry break (CB), I sucked it up and began typing and learning and practicing as quickly as I could. I finally got it all done by midnight.

And then... I COULD NOT SLEEP. I stayed awake thinking of all the things that needed to be done over the next couple weeks, school-wise. Things that I still needed to try to do this week and things that I probably won't be able to finish by the end of the week. But gosh darn it I will try, but after I hang out with my boyfriend. We did not get to hang out during Valentine's Day (my first non-single one in years) and I felt so bad for missing it. Either way, we will have our fancy Valentine's date in 20 days when we are both exploring NYC. Gah... I'm going to make it.

Whenever life gets overwhelming sometimes you just have to push through and remember that there are good times ahead even if you don't know when. We all can make it! Thank goodness it is Friday, though.

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