The Little Trail From UAF to Farmers Loop

I am sure you've seen it. I am sure you may have even walked on it or maybe ridden it in the summer time when you can smell the crisp air and the glorious sunlight massages its way through the trees. The only thing is, its not summer now, but that makes no difference!

There is a convenient little path that goes all the way from campus to Farmers Loop and its pretty cool because its shoveled! You do not need to wear heavy snow boots to walk it (unless there has been recent heavy snow). I found this little trail via my best friend. I was afraid to walk it alone simply because I had no idea where it led. I had never taken the route before so I decided to stick to the long route but to my surprise this trail is faster.

One evening after a long night of studying we decided to walk home to relieve some stress and talk to each other and ever since then I have really looked forward to our walks. They give me time to slow down the day or think about everything that has taken place and breath and take in all of the beauty that is Alaska. I have come to really enjoy walking in the past year just due to the fact that I do it so often because the city bus is my main source of transportation. Walking gives you time to digest your day and physically slow down when its necessary.

Some other cool things about this trail is that it's out of the way of traffic, and its complete with street lights every few yards so even if it's a little dark out, you still feel comfortable because the light has your back every step of the way. Using this little path it takes us approximately 30 minutes to walk from our little cabin all the way to the UAF Wood center. When we do get to the Wood Center there is an instant relief and an urge for coffee. Some mornings on the trail are more interesting than others, you may see a dog or two accompanied by a very dedicated winter runner.

You may even get to see some of the people walking to campus just like you! Occasionally a bike will peddle past us and I suddenly envy the fact that they are going just a little bit faster than I am but these are the little things you think about when there is nothing but you, a friend, steps, and snow. If you ever pass by this trail I would recommend walking it just for fun! The greatest thing about making this trail a part of my daily routine is the fact that it is not the only trail connected to UAF. As my days of walking breeze by I hope to discover even more convenient ways to find my way to and from campus without the utilization of a vehicle. For now its just me, my partner, my backpack and a pair of good boots to get me through my days, to and from campus and everywhere else possible.

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