Spring Break Plans

This year for spring break I plan on spending time with my family... and participating in a 25 kilometer classic cross country ski race called the Oosik. 25 k is approximately 15 miles...... Yeah, I'm going to die.

The Oosik is held in Talkeetna, Alaska, a very small town 2 hours north of Anchorage. It's usually set up along a river, so it is relatively flat (yay for me!). If you want to know what an oosik is, Google it. I'm not going to explain it. I don't know who picked the name but it has it's own poem. I'll give you a hint... Think walrus.

When I signed up, I thought it would be super fun. I'm doing it with my boyfriend and his family. People wear costumes sometimes and there are feed stations with fun surprises waiting. I heard the after-party was also great too because there is a live band and dancing. But the 25 is a gloomy number looming over my head. How am I going to survive that!?

I said at the beginning of the semester that I was going to start working out, go to the Student Recreation Center and walk, cycle, lift, workout. But that didn't happen as I planned. I was busy with school, but I didn't go mostly because I am lazy and unmotivated when it comes to the gym. Now I am going to suffer because of my laziness.

My sister an I at a high school ski race in Girdwood, Alaska.
One of the coldest days ever, and we had to wear spandex suits.

I did go skiing twice since I got back from break. I haven't skied in a race since senior year of high school and have only been a of couple times since then, so it was a little rough. So thankful for my boyfriend and his patience while I was digging myself out of a snow bank I crashed into last week. I thought skiing would be ingrained into my system since I had been doing it for more than 4 years, but I guess a 3 year break from competitive skiing would do the trick of making me forget a lot. My form was terrible. Hopefully I can get back on the UAF trail system soon.
This was taken a the Birch Hill ski area.

But I plan on going slow during the race; a lot of people don't take it too seriously. Some of the UAF ski team did it last year though and did take it seriously. They all finished in the top ten! I don't know the time they did it in but I'm sure it was super fast.

I'll just be praying that I finish the race! Wish me luck!

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