Spending my Weekends in the Winter Skiing

Here at UAF we have tons of different things to do outside. I mean it is Alaska, but UAF especially has some great opportunities. With Outdoor Adventures sponsoring events, as well as just going out with friends and enjoying some of the best outdoor recreation in the world. The Outbound Collective even listed UAF as the 12th best college in the nation for outdoor adventurers. This past weekend I went skiing with my boyfriend and all my friends.

There is this ski place up here in Fairbanks called Ski Land. They have signed an agreement with UAF for the next 5 years for UAF students to get free season passes as long as they pay the SRC fee. This fee gets added on once you take 12 credits, making you a full time student, or you can choose to add it on to your account. Plus if you do not already have your own skis or snowboard you can rent from Ski Land for $20 with your student ID.

Anyways. So I have been skiing since middle school I believe. (Luckily for me I have not grown very much so all of my ski gear is still usable from then - big money saver) I started skiing at Alyeska. If you haven't been there I would definitely go sometime - a little pricey but some of the best skiing around. I have also skied at a bunch of smaller ski areas. Ski Land is definitely one of my favorites. It's not too hard for people just starting out, and there are still some areas for people that like to go fast or do tricks.

Final note: no harm is ever done in getting a bunch of friends together and carpooling up to Ski Land. Even if you do not have skis or a snowboard, or just do not think you go often enough to buy your own stuff, then you can rent! You have a free season pass to go - so why not try something new (or continue having a blast) and enjoy the great outdoors that Alaska has to offer!

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