Procrastination...Break-ination is More Like It!

If you watched my vlog about me not doing homework you would have noticed that I can procrastinate sometimes. And by “sometimes” I mean way too often. Which is not good! Do your homework early guys. Saves you from a lot of stress (which, by the way, can increase your blood pressure and give you a shorter lifespan; as I learned from my Anatomy and Physiology class this morning).

So do your homework guys! But if you really need a break like I obviously did here are some more things to do!

Take A WALK!
Get that blood moving to your brain that very much needs it. Loosen up!
In Fairbanks, you might want to do some crunches or jumping jacks inside if it’s -40 or something…

Bake something!
Baking, for some reason unknown to me, calms me down. I don’t even think about homework. All I can focus on is how many eggs to put into the batter or how much vegetable oil to pour… I can mess up sometimes…

Read, read, read!
And no, I do not mean your textbook. My personal favorite is sci-fi. Reading takes me to another world where schoolwork is not important. Suggestions:

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

I love Ender's Game because the hero in the story, Ender, both loves and hates his enemies. Super interesting! Give it a read!

Dune by Frank Herbert
Dune is something else! Crazy ideas and wonderful descriptions of a different world!

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Blade Runner) by Phillip K. Dick
Also a very interesting topic. Makes you think about where are society is headed. Can a robot actually be so human-like that they are undistinguishable when compared to a real human? 

Do a puzzle!
I love puzzles because if baking doesn’t work, puzzles sure do take your mind off things. Trying to find pieces gets my brain working.

In my opinion Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat (all of them) are brain suckers! You know that brain bug from the movie Starship Troopers, yeah that’s what I imagine. (Skin’s crawling just thinking about it.) It’s better to have your brain working in some way, other than mindlessly looking at photos or posts on a screen.

Even with all of this other fun stuff to do I don’t want to portray that I am telling you guys not to do your homework or studying. STUDY, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. It’s how you will get the degree you are perusing. Just remember that a break won’t hurt every once in a while.😊

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