My Love for Dr. Pepper

Would you like to know what the very best thing in the whole wide world is? Well, not the very best thing, but the very best beverage in the world? Want a little secret? It rhymes with Moctor Stepper. Guessed it yet? You got it! Gatorade! No, I'm kidding. Its Dr. Pepper!

Got you there didn't I? Yes, it is true, I love Dr. Pepper. I love any type of Dr. Pepper, but lets talk about the main one, the original one, the very best one there is. Ever since I can remember, which is probably at the age of 3, my feelings for Dr. Pepper were known. When I was looking over family home videos back in Shishmaref, I saw a video that said "Esau 2000". So I decided to watch it. And lo and behold, I was drinking Dr. Pepper. So there's my proof for my dying love for Dr. Pepper. I just cannot get enough of it.

One thing that I absolutely would love to do before I die, a some type of bucket list thing if you well, is to drive to all 49 States of the United States of America and fly to Hawaii, to collect and drink all different types of Dr. Pepper in each state. What I witnessed with my two eyes as I began to travel around the nation is that every Dr. Pepper can and bottle is different. Or at least I think they are. That is why I want to test my theory out.

Maybe I can write my Master's thesis on it? Yes, I would love to do that for my Master's thesis if I ever do think of pursuing a Master's Degree. Well, there you have it. Now you know my true feelings for my favorite beverage. Until the day I die, or at least until I cannot anymore, will continue to have Dr. Pepper. My love for Dr. Pepper is too strong to stop drinking it.

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