My First Silent Film

This last fall, my office was asked if they could lend the Nanook mascot, "Nook" for a video promoting the UAF Speaking Center. Whenever an event calls for the presence of Nook, it's up to one of the student ambassadors to suit up and get into character. Every time, by the end of it, the student ambassador always ends up dripping in sweat. It may sound gross, but it's an important job. And it's honestly quite fun! It sort of feels like you're a character at Disney World. You can walk around making animated gestures (because you can't talk), waving to people, and making people smile. 

The Speaking Center video was my first time in the suit. Their idea for the video was a silent film in which a student, Nook, is assigned a speech in his communications class. In the end, he meets with a speaking coach and gets the practice he needs in time for the day of his speech. Being a silent film, it was great practice communicating without words. Every emotion and thought I was supposed to express had to come completely from body language. The folks at the speaking center, being professional communicators, were a great help for coming up with good ways to communicate silently. Turns out they're also quite good at making movies, too. So check it out! 

Special thanks to Bekah Taylor, Amy May, Ramzi Abou Ghalioum, Jillian Larson, and Troy Poulsen!

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