My Bestfriend Brandan!!

It all started in about fourth grade when I moved to Alaska from Germany with my family and I was ready to embark on a new journey in a new place. I met this really cool kid named Brandan in my class and he also happened to be my next door neighbor. As you probably could imagine we spent a lot of time together. From playing at the park after school, to walking to school together in the morning then walking home. I have had a lot of people in my life to call friends but this one by far takes the cake at being the most near and dear to my heart. When I look back at our journey through life together it almost baffles me because we have kept in contact for so long, through different countries, continents. And now here we are together again after twelve years of separation, with the hopes of possibly figuring out what adulthood and cool things like love can consist of.

Although we met when we were both very small children, we remained close friends and were just recently reunited on January 13th. If you know anything about Alaska and young children there is a lot of snow, a lot of trips and a lot of laughs. Today we are still having those joyful moments but now we are older, we fall and laugh harder and that is one of the coolest things about having someone so close to you to be able to share your space at any given moment. It takes a lot of adjustment. At this point you are probably wondering how and why did he come all this way and I have those answers prepared.

In September of last year we spoke on the phone and at some point in our conversation a bulb went off in my head. We had months and months of discussing when we were going to see each other again and through my busy school schedule and the amount of time that he dedicated to work, there just didn't seem like enough space in the world to fit the amount of time we had been separated for. We couldn't make up for twelve years of lost time. That is the majority of our lives at only twenty years old. He told me that a major change had just taken place in his life where he would have a lot more time to himself. I instantly blurted out "Move back to Alaska!" and I felt like everything inside of me was in support of this wild suggestion. But it wasn't as wild as it seems, because low and behold he came. He flew all the way from Georgia to embark on a new adventure, with me! That just doesn't happen! Here I stand corrected because my closest childhood friend is back in the chilly place that we met once more but only this time we are older, this time we live together and this time we are helping each other to figure out: What exactly is adulthood and how can we make this transition as stress free as possible? We do not have it all figured out but we do have each other and for me, that is more than enough.

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