Meeting new people

In my last post I talked about making friends in orientation and in the dorms. But what if you didn't attend orientation? Or you live off-campus? Well not to worry, I have planned this through and will tell you other ways to meet new people.

Alright first off, one easy way to meet new people and make friends is either join or create a club. There are more than 150 clubs on campus. And it's a great way to connect with people with the same interests as you.

Another way would be going on the trips outdoor adventures hosts. They host a bunch of trips around Alaska. And the prices aren't bad either, I would say it's worth the investment!

Next tip, was one way I made a bunch of friends and that is to join an intramural team. So what are intramurals? Well, intramural sports are organized programs that allow faculty, staff and students who are members of the SRC to participate in team and individual sport activities. And they have a bunch of different sports to choose from. I was on an intramural volleyball team for a while. Our team even won one of the seasons too. I still keep in touch with all my teammates.

And finally, the last way to make new friends is through your student job on campus. For example I am currently working as a student ambassador writing to you. And it's fair to say that I definitely have made some new friends here.

So yeah that's all the tricks I have up my sleeve. Now go meet new people and have fun!

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