Life as a Twin

Life as a twin is pretty great.

I always have a buddy, we understand each other. There is always someone to talk to.

When people think of twins sometimes the word telepathy comes up. Well, I am sorry to say we do not have that fictional power. Though, one time we had the exact same dream! Weird, right?

Haven't had the same dream since though.

We often say the same things at the same time, but it's just an outcome of thinking alike.

When we were younger our mother used to dress us in the same clothes, just different colors. I asked her why once and she said we would always want what the other had so she just got us the same things. LOL.
Aren't we cute!?
I would say that we were very much alike from kindergarten to the middle of high school, not just in our looks but in our personality. We always liked the same things, read the same books, slept in the same room, liked the same color, did the same sports, had the same friends. I was definitely the more quiet one though.

One of my teachers in high school actually told us apart by my quietness. He called me the sad one! I just never smiled walking down those crowded hallways, I guess.

Once we graduated high school, we separated for college. Paige went to Arizona and I went to Fairbanks. This was the longest and the farthest we had been apart ever. This is when a lot of things changed and we became independent people. I became less quiet and less of an introvert, which was a huge change from high school. I think the biggest change that happened for me was that I was less reliant on her and more aware of myself, which was something I needed greatly. Being apart from my sister was hard but it was also freeing, in a good way!

Sporting our college hoodies senior year of high school.
I had just finished playing softball (That's why I have black
marks on my face.) 

When we came back for the summer, the people we both worked with at our summer job noticed a huge change. One lady said, we came back different and she could actually tell us apart!

Now Paige is attending UAF after two years at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, and I am so HAPPY she is! So far we have not pulled any tricks on professors but we have confused a lot of people who didn't know I had a twin. Just today someone came up to me kinda awkwardly, and asked what my name was. I guess she had met my sister in another class and was wondering why I never acknowledged her. That has happened so many times and I feel terrible because people think Paige and I are rude and don't like conversation. Which is exactly the opposite of our personalities! Paige was hugged by one of my friends during the first week, mistaking Paige for me. But Paige took it like a champ and hugged back. She also made a new friend!

So life is great and excitingly eventful as a twin. Wouldn't trade her in for anything!

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