Life as a Resident Assistant

If you are a prospective student and planning on living in one of the residence halls here at UAF, you will hear "RA" a lot.

If you are thinking about living on campus you can apply for housing here.

So what is an RA?

RA stands for resident assistant and this is the best definition that I can think of: A student leader that facilitates community building, community safety, and provides extracurricular activities for residents.

This is the UAF Residence Life Definition:

RA's are residence hall community leaders. They host programs, oversee the hall for security and maintenance, and are a resource for students. They live among their residents and are available for questions, concerns, or help. RA's perform nightly safety rounds two to three times each night. The goal of an RA is to be a peer authority in the residence hall who sets examples through their own actions.

Why did I become a RA?

Well, honestly it's a long story. But, basically I became an RA because I felt that I could really make an impact on younger students' lives, as well as act as a peer leader and be there for them when they needed someone. When I first moved to UAF, my RA took me under his wing and introduced me to a group of amazing people and student organizations on campus. I feel like that's the type of RA I want to be. As an RA you also get a housing scholarship, a bi-weekly stipend and a discounted meal plan. I couldn't think of a better deal than that. Of course I didn't sign-up just for the monetary benefits, but it's definitely a huge perk. 


So far the only downside I've really experienced as an RA is only being able to leave campus two nights out of the week. But, this makes sense. How can I build community if I'm gone for the majority of the week? I don't really consider it a downside, but as an RA you are expected to set high standards and be a leader, you are in a fishbowl and everyone is looking in.

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