Its Valentime!

Remember holiday celebrations in grade school?

There were sweet things to eat and cards being cut everywhere. There was a huge rule in elementary school: If you bring things to class make sure that you can bring for everyone. If only college still held those same values! But, the difference between now and then is the fact that we are actually paying for things. Sometimes that is not the easiest but that doesn't mean that holidays can't be enjoyable. I'm sure you see the presents and boxes of chocolates in just about every single store around town. You know what that means, a holiday is coming and if you know anything about February, you know which one I'm talking about. If you celebrate Valentines day, try to mix it up sometimes. I know the cliche of the teddy bear and boxes of chocolates is what is advertised as "the gift" to give, but is it the right gift for everyone? In terms of gift giving personally, I like the little things a lot more: a box of tea, a hug, a good film, dinner and a good laugh, a memorable memory. Despite the talk of the town the most tear-jerking gifts are usually not the ones you'll find on a shelf, but the things you'll find by paying attention to someone, being a good listener when they need it and even being a friend. Below you will find a few ways that you can spice up your holiday even if you're single because, why not? A day for love is also a day for family, friendship and recognition of those around you. Holidays can be more than what they are advertised for, plus they bring people together and is that not one of the most enjoyable things about life?

Go book thrifting

Ever been to Gulliver's Books? They have an exceptional collection of books. Everything from romance, horror, and teen fiction to vinyls of music you have probably never heard of before. If you make it a day event you might lose yourself in this treasure hunt of a store. They also have wifi and a little cafe to indulge in.

Have a romance festival

Nothing beats sitting at home with a few friends and feeling the love via some warm hot chocolate, tea or coffee, and weeping over cute films like The Titanic and The Notebook.

Send an important family member a present (or make a card)!

You probably did this when you were a child, but your family probably misses those small cards you used to make. Doing something cool and creative for the people that care about you is always a good way to dedicate your day.
Treat yourself

If you have a little extra cash and time, take yourself on a date or buy yourself something that you've really wanted.

Throw a single support party

Being single in college isn't necessarily a bad thing, we are all just different. Some people have personal reasons as to why they don't want to be romantically involved and that's okay! If you have a group of friends that want to feel the love invite them over and have a blast!

Ask someone to be your Valentine this year!

If you have someone in mind for Valentine's Day just ASK! The worst that could happen is a no, and if you're already anticipating being let down then you have little to nothing to lose. Remember that we are young and not being romantically interested in someone is completely normal.

Try to rethink the way you approach the holidays in college simply because its a new experience. You can still have as much fun as you did when you were a child and, not having a significant other isn't the end of the world. Love comes in different shapes and sizes and even if it isn't romantic, it still deserves to be appreciated. Keep your head up Charlie Brown.

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