How to Make Friends 101x (core class)

As an international student, it took me some time to adjust and make friends here. But I got to say, first impressions matter. When you meet someone for the first time is when you get judged or you judge the most. But not to worry I'll give you some tips and advice when meeting new people. 

Alright, first off New Student Orientation plays a big part in making new friends. At Orientation you are "forced" to interact with your fellow students. I know, how horrible. Then you realize some of your closest friends came from Orientation and realize it wasn't as bad. I personally met two of my close friends here at UAF through Orientation. Plus, it's fun and beats just sitting in your dorms do nothing. 

Another way to meet new people will be in the dorms. Which is an advantage for living there. You get to see the same people every day. I mean you are bound to have a conversation about something. If that doesn't work out, don't worry. The RA's on every floor host some activity each month. And they invite the residents to partake in them. It can be anything from learning how to cook a meal to painting something. That's another good way for meeting new people.

Now that we got where to meet them, now here's some advice when meeting them.
All I got is that you need confidence. The rest is all on you. Just be yourself. 

 Yeah, that was my 101x class. If you want more tips, stay tuned for my next post. 



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