How to Live Healthier this Year

The new year is here, we are halfway through February and I know exactly what you are doing: reflecting on what a total stress storm 2016 was. Maybe you are even setting new goals, saying to yourself this will be my year. That's completely normal, don't worry. We all are. But never mind the goals you do have, do you know how to begin getting to them? I don't have everything mapped out, but there are eight things that you can begin doing to clean out your closet and make it a little easier for you to lighten your load this year.

1. Donate old clothes

AND buy or thrift for new ones! When I go through my closet every season I find more and more things to let go of. I always convince myself,  because if its not being used its taking up space. I could use an extra hanger or two. We don't want to keep reverting back to the way we used to look in middle school as a goal weight, people change, bodies grow, hips widen and that's okay. Let go of clothes that aren't imperative to your day to day life, if you wouldn't wear it more than once a week, it can probably go to someone who will.

2. Be more tactful and expect nothing less in return

Are you as open-minded as you can be? Do you think about your responses before you send or say them?

3. Practice minimalism

When you shop, ask yourself how much will I use this? Contrary to popular belief, minimalism is not about giving up everything that you have. Yes it is about downsizing but it is also being mindful of where your money goes and the items in your life. Remember quality, not quantity.

4. Work out, everyday

No, I don't mean hit the gym every day, especially if time doesn't allow it. But,  you can integrate small changes with big long term impacts. Walk a mile or two, take the stairs, ride your bike. Soon enough these small changes will become included into your daily or weekly schedule.

5. Lessen your social media exposure

Cut down on the pointless scrolling. Especially if you aren't actually doing anything online. Try a weekly cleanse or maybe even try to have one day where you can't use your phone and you grab a book or a friend to do something with instead.

6. Eat less sugar

You'll have more energy throughout the day and you will rely on sugary foods and drinks less to help you get up and going after bed. Start small, cut out maybe sodas or unnecessary drinks that are syrup based. Try drinking black coffee for a week or maybe lessen how many coffees you get. You'll start to develop more natural energy.

7. Cook more!

You will save time and money if you plan out your meals for the week over the weekend. Things like pasta salad, quiche, bagels, lasagna and casserole go a long way in terms of your budget.

8. Take a Day for Yourself

Ever just need some alone time? We all do when our schedules are constantly filled with different things to do everyday. If your schedule allows it, take a day and enjoy your own company, write, vent, cry and laugh. It can be therapeutic to just enjoy your own space every one in awhile.

Sometimes big changes involve a lot of small steps and that is okay. As long as you start and stick to it, this year will be yours. A step in the right direction is still a step no matter how small.

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