Gov Cup Bus 2K17

Hello all!

With the end of the hockey season comes the Governor's Cup- which I have never attended. Yet!! It was not even an option to ride a party bus decked with swag to attend last year or else I would have signed myself and all my friends up! But this year, this year it is on! I have thoroughly convinced Ambassador Jason to go with me, and my friends too! Woohoo! I am so excited!

UAF has even negotiated a little deal with the Sheraton hotel for UAF Students, where we will pay less. And for a college student? It's even less when we stick four of us in the hotel room together and each pay 1/4 of the discounted cost. It is going to be a real blast guys! I have never really been into hockey- it is cold to just sit there and watch people play on the ice (my best friend dated a hockey player and I got convinced into going to watch every game with her). But, it's time to paint our faces blue and gold and scream our little lungs out!

The UAF Nanooks and the UAA Seawolves (University of Alaska Anchorage) have a great hockey history. UAF has won for the past 6 years. UAA is going down this year, once again!

UPDATE: This trip was cancelled due to a snow storm so there will be no pictures, etc. However, there is always next year! I deeply encourage you all to go!

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