Fitness Classes in Fairbanks!

Last Friday, my friend invited me to register for an REI organized event to boulder at Ascension RockClub with her. To my surprise, it was free for all ages! I had no idea REI organized free events, or that Fairbanks has an indoor climbing gym besides the one in the SRC. It is a great marketing technique! (I am a marketing minor, can you tell?) REI events range from cross country skiing, yoga, cycling, climbing and many other activities! The event started at 1:00 and went until 5:00pm, and REI provided food and beverages. Check out the events REI is hosting

Did you know Student Recreation Center on Campus provides classes at the gym? I regularly attend some of the SRC’s group fitness classes during the week! I attend HIIT, high intensity interval training on Tuesday’s and Friday’s and I will attend a HardCORE class today. The best thing about these classes at the gym? They are included in our student fees, so there is no excuse to not attend! I have met several people on campus through the SRC classes. It’s a great way to stay encouraged to work out! Also, many of the personal trainers are UAF students so they understand how important it is to stay motivated. Check out the UAF Group Fitness Schedule below!

Winter here in Fairbanks can be a bit daunting, especially for transfer students like me. It’s crucial to stay busy and active during the dark and cold days! It is incredibly worth signing up for classes to stay active and meet people! I highly suggest checking out REI and SRC’s workout classes here in Fairbanks. Grab a friend and work out together! It's great motivation when you don't feel like moving from the couch.  

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