Centennial Poem

The University of Alaska Fairbanks: Centennial Poem

I stepped foot on the arctic blunder
The permafrost hill, overseeing the majestic mountainous landscape

Like many before me
I have endured the amazingly warm summers
Observed the midnight sun
Watched the Aurora dance
Have been captivated by the colors of the fall
I have braved the bite of -40 days
There's something truly magical about UAF
My University Inspires Action

I've screamed at the top of my lungs GO Nanooks
Until my voice was gone
The traditions are life changing
Our community builds leaders
My University Loves

I can only imagine what it was like 100 years ago
Now we have shuttles and arctic entryways
Now we are more diverse
Now we are stronger than ever
We have created a Nation
We have created Nanook Nation
My university makes me fearless, naturally inspiring

 The true spirit of the Nanook has never died
100 years ago and 100 years more
UAF, my university, my home will forever grow and thrive

The spirit of UAF doesn't die at graduation
It will last in my heart forever and I am forever a Nanook

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