Aurora Hunting Part II Valentine's Day

So, I believe I mentioned that I love hunting for northern lights in a past blog. SO because it is Valentine's Day soon lemme add on to that!

During my sophomore year of college at UAF, my friend group expanded when we added Conner. He was a cross-country skier and a first time student, who happened to know one of the other people in our group through high school. I thought he was super cute! And funny, and talented and... yeah.
But, I wasn't interested in getting attached, I had other things on my mind, or so I thought...

So he joined the group and joined us on awesome northern lights trips, where he often drove and took photos. He's an amazing photographer. We got to know each other very well and as time flew by we hung out more and more, watching great movies and going on more northern lights trips.

One of our many adventures with the friends! There were northern lights out that night, just a little later.
Photo credit: Conner Truskowski
The funny thing about the northern lights adventures we'd go on is that we were never alone! Conner was hesitant to ask just me to accompany him on the trips so he offered the invitation to everyone, and only one person would always say yes; Jacques, the friend he new in high school. At the beginning I didn't think anything of it, having Jacques along for the ride was great! But as I learned from him later, he was kinda the third wheel.

Anyways, with Jacques accompanying us we would drive to our favorite spot about an hour and a half a way, near the old part of the Alaska oil pipeline. Here is an awesome picture of me under the lights in that very spot:
It was super cold that night.... morning actually. It was 1:00am by the time we left.
Photo Credit: Conner Truskowski
Eventually Conner asked me on a date, just the two of us, and we started dating. It's been almost a year and we are still going strong. Super excited to see where this relationship takes us and I can't wait to go on more northern lights adventures with him.

Every time I see the lights, I think of him!

💜 Photo Credit: Conner Truskowski



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