An Ode to My Best Friend ( Pt1 )

Today I am going to write a blog about my best friend, Hannah. We initially met in elementary school when we did NOT like each other. I think that people would say I am generally a friendly person, but in my third grade days I apparently used to white wash her in the snow. I had no recollection of this until she told me one day- I guess I could see myself doing that!

Fast forward to ninth grade, and we had the same P90X gym class together, where we became somewhat of friends. A few months went by and we became inseperable in that class and out! We would have sleep overs every weekend and even would prank call our gym teacher together. We did everything together!

From then on, we were partners in crime, spending every winter snowboarding and sledding together and every summer playing at our Harding lake house tubing and four-wheeling and sneaking out late on the lake. We even took physics in eleventh grade together and cried with each other (real tears!) when we found it to be so hard to understand. When I went off to exchange in Argentina, we cried together.

When I was there we wrote letters to each other and when I came back she was the first person to give me a year's worth of hugs at the airport. She is one of the best friends anyone could possibly ever hope to have. She has been there with me through break-ups and crying and of course the best times and laughs and many giggles too. I know she thinks of me as a great best friend too- but I think she could never fully understand how much I love and appreciate her (and think she is 105X better of a friend to me than I could ever be to her). Now that we are in college, we don't get to see each other quite as much between classes and working.

Now Hannah is the one who goes off and travels and I miss her while she is gone. She is taking a few gap years off of college to go and explore the world (read: Greece, Costa Rica, Australia. Thailand, etc.) and I am the one who will be at the airport to give her her first hugs. We have gotten piercings together, our braces off together (we couldn't show anyone our new teeth until we both had gotten them off), almost drowned in the lake together (we attempted to swim across the whole thing in an afternoon without telling any parents), gone to our first parties together, everything one could hope to do with the soul mate of their lives!

I am positive that no matter where we end up, we will always be close, always rooting each other on, always best friends. Always.

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