Alternative Spring Break 2017!

How are you spending your Spring Break? Going back home to spend time with family? Spending time with friends at a vacation spot? Or just chilling and relaxing and catching up on much needed slumber? Well, that's pretty cool. I am spending my Spring Break with 15 other amazing young leaders at San Francisco! We are the 2017 Alternative Spring Break team! What is Alternative Spring Break? Well, to me, it is a very cool service project that the LIVE Office for the University of Alaska Fairbanks, which stands for Leadership, Involvement, & Volunteer Experience, hosts every year to give the talented young leaders at UAF a chance to make a positive change in a community. This year, I was blessed to be part of the 2017 Alternative Spring Break team and we are traveling to San Francisco to volunteer by "leading youth development activities, as well as working with rebuilding, and environmental efforts given the abundance of recent earthquakes and forest fires in the area."

What's really cool with Alternative Spring Break is it will help you achieve your COLD Leadership Certificate here at UAF so you can graduate with "Leadership Honors". You can learn more about the COLD Leadership Certificate here at the LIVE COLD Website. In my view, I really think that volunteering is by far the best thing you can do to give back to a community. I was raised on a island called Shishmaref and every single person on the island raised me and took care of me. There's a saying that goes "It takes a village to raise a child." And that is very true. Every single person on that island raised me while I was growing up and I consider all 600 residents of Shishmaref as family. That is why I love to volunteer my time and effort to make a positive change, because giving back to a community feels really good and you have a good warm feeling in your heart when you see what change you made. With the LIVE office's Alternative Spring Break trip, I hope to make a positive change for the community we are volunteering our time and effort. I cannot wait to help those in need in the community of San Francisco in anyway I can.

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