Alternative Spring Break 2016

On Tuesday, I helped the LIVE program do Trivia at the campus Pub for their Alternative Spring Break trip this coming March to San Francisco, California! (By the way, for the 21+, there is always trivia on the Tuesday!) Regardless of how many times we fact-checked our questions, we had a pretty enjoyable time. I hope the participants did too!

The whole time during trivia, I reminisced about last year when I participated in the Alternative Spring Break trip to New Jersey. It was my first ASB, and my first time in New Jersey! (I went through a New Jersey airport in high school, then taxi'd to New York pretty quickly.) From the airport, we were driven to Camp Evans –– a former military base that became a group retreat destination –– and we joined other students from other schools. According to the ASB head people, the Alaska group traveled the farthest!

Each day was pretty similar. Here's practically our schedule:
  • Wake up early. It was extra early for the Alaska crew because of the 4 hour time difference. (We barely slept for the first two/three days. We stuck to the couch in the main lounge and chatted with people!)
  • Eat breakfast. There was something fun about eating together, as a whole ASB team. We would also fight for the fruit and the cereal. 
  • Go to our work sites. There were three sites:
    - Demolition Crew (in other words, #teamdemolicious) –– I was here. For the whole week, the team demolished Ms. Linda's house because it was practically wrecked after Hurricane Sandy.
    - Sheetrock Crew –– This team put sheetrock on this guy's newly-built, seaside house. If I am remembering correctly, the old house practically floated off into the ocean.
    - Bird Crew –– This team got to do shore restoration and help baby birds find new homes. 
  • Come back and chill.
  • Have dinner with the ASB fam.
  • Free time, including sleep time.
It was a whirlwind of a week. Yes, we worked our butts off every single day, but we had some fun too!

#TeamDemolicious was made up of such mish-mash characters. I still remember –– ultimate heart-throb rugby player; a quiet but spunky Yale student; a nurse-to-be; a couple teachers-to-be; two had Filipino blood in them (hello, my people); a protective big-brother; mama Maggie; the other Maggie; and of course –– Ms. Linda (the hard-Jersey-accented, mom-of-the-year-award, tough-as-nails, "MY POOL, BE CAREFUL OF MY POOL" hostess). I can still vividly remember her screaming at us to 1) wear our hard hats, 2) to stop asking her to visit Alaska, and 3) to watch out for her pool. Ms. Linda ended up treating us out to authentic Jersey pizza and New York bagels (or baggles).

We also got to the explore the area too. Camp Evans had a museum on the site. We got to play with a theremin (an out-of-this-world instrument that sounds like we're communicating w/ aliens) and found out Guglio Marconi (who invented the radio) worked on Camp Evans. We went to Belmar Beach and pretended we were part of a new season of the Jersey Shore. We also had a short day-trip to New York City –– during which we rode the Staten Island Ferry to and from NYC, ate 99-cent pizza, checked out the 9/11 memorial, and worked-worked-worked.

I had a blast! I was part of a fantastic team that helped make a difference in others' lives. I'm sure that this year's team will do the same too!

P.S. If you're interested in participating in the Alternative Spring Break team next year, contact LIVE! If you have more questions, ask me and these other wonderful ambassadors (James, Alexess, Alina, Esau).

P.S.S. Welcome to the ASB family, Alina and Esau!

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